Cookbook author, commercial food photographer and styling, Jules Sherred got it into his head that it is a great idea to take old cookbooks and update its recipes for modern times. The first cookbook he is tackling is 365 Foreign Dish.

365 Foreign Dishes: A Foreign Dish for Every Day in the Year was first published in September 1908 by George W. Jacobs & Company.

Each recipe will be shared as originally printed before diving into the updated versions. Content Note: Some of the terms used in the original for foreign countries and their regions are outdated and racist.

Cover of the cookbook 365 Foreign Dishes

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With a keen eye and attention to detail along with the philosophy that food should evoke the trifecta of memory, emotion, and hunger in people, Jules Sherred is an unparalleled emerging talent in the field of food and lifestyle photography. His cookbook CRIP UP THE KITCHEN: TOOLS, TIPS AND RECIPES FOR THE DISABLED COOK is due to be published by TouchWood Edition in Spring 2023.

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